Fixtures and Results 2015/16

Below is a list of upcoming fixtures for the 2015/16 season.
More fixtures to be announced soon!

Mens 1sts – Results/Fixtures 2015/16

Division 3
DateKO TimeHomeVAwayVenueMatch TypeResult
3 Oct 1512pmMen 1stsPembroke 3rdsLoretoLeague2-0
17 Oct 1512pmBray 1stsMen 1stsBrayLeague5-1
31 Oct 15TBDThree Rock Rovers 3rd XIMens 1stsThree Rock RoversLeague5-0
5 Nov 157.45Mens 1stsDublin University 2nd XILoretoLeague2-3
7 Nov 152.30Mens 1stsGalway 1stsLoretoIrish Challenge Cup1-4
8 Nov 152.45Mens 1stsRailway Union 3rd XILoretoLeague3-3
21 Nov 20152.15pmMonkstown 3rdsMens 1stsRathdown SchoolLeague5-2
28 Nov 201511amMens 1stsUCD 2ndsLoretoLeague3-4
05 Dec 201512.30pmMens 1stsCorinthiansLoretoLeague3-3
12 Dec 201510.30amNaas 1stsMens 1stsNaasLeague2-1
23 Jan 201612.30pmPembroke 3rdsMens 1stsSerpentine AvenueLeague12-1
06 Feb 20163.30pmDublin University 2nd XIMens 1stsTrinity College Sports GroundsLeague2-7
13 Feb 201612.45pmMens 1stsThree Rock Rovers 3rd XILoretoLeague1-10
20 Feb 20163pmRailway Union 3rd XIMens 1stsPark AvenueLeague4-0
24 Feb 20167.45pmYMCA 3rdsMens 1stsYMCA Sports GroundsLeague3-1
27 Feb 201612.30pmMens 1stsMonkstown 3rdsLoretoLeague2-5
5 Mar 201612.50pmUCD 2ndsMens 1stsUCDLeague1-3
12 Mar 201611.00amMens 1stsNaas 1stsLoretoLeague0-1
19 Mar 201611.00amCorinthiansMens 1stsSt Columba’s SchoolLeague4-3
26 Mar 20161.30pmMens 1stsYMCA 3rdsLoretoLeague3-4

Mens 2nds – Results/Fixtures 2015/16

Division 6
DateKO TimeHomeVAwayLocationMatch TypeResult
26 Sept 153.30pmMen 2ndsNaas 2ndsLoretoLeague1-3
3 Oct 1512.30pmRailways 5thsMen 2ndsPark AvenueLeague4-0
10 Oct 1511.00amDublin University 3rdsMen 2ndsSantryJunior Cup2-1
17 Oct 153.30pmMen 2ndsWeston 3rdsLoretoLeague2-1
31 Oct 1511:00amPembroke 5thsMen 2ndsSerpentine AvenueLeague1-2
7 Nov 1511:15amUCD 3rdsMen 2ndsBelfieldLeague3-0
21 Nov 1516:45pmFingal 2ndsMen 2ndsALSAALeague3-0
28 Nov 1512:30pmMen 2ndsCorinthians 4thLoretoLeague3-1
12 Dec 15TBCMen 2ndsDublin University 3rdsLoretoLeague
16 Jan 16TBCMonkstown 5thsMen 2ndsRathdown SchoolLeague
23 Jan 15TBCNaas 2ndsMen 2ndsNaas Sports CentreLeague

Ladies 1sts – Results/Fixtures 2015/16

Division 8
DateKO TimeHomeAwayLocationMatch TypeResult
26 Sept 201514:00Malahide Fingal 2nd'sMullingar 1st'sBroomfieldLeagueW 0-2
3 Oct 201513.15Clontarf 3rd'sMullingar 1st'sMount TempleLeague D 1-1
10 Oct 201511amBotanic 3rd'sMullingar 1st'sHoly Faith GlasnevinLeagueW 0-2
17 Oct 201513:30Mullingar 1st'sUCD 5th'sLoreto CollegeLeagueW 3-0
7 Nov 201512:45Mullingar 1st'sPembroke Wanderers 6th'sLoreto CollegeLeagueW 2-1
14th Nov 201515:00Three Rock Rovers 3rd'sMullingar 1st'sGrange RoadLeagueL 2-0
21st Nov 201514:00Mullingar 1st'sYMCA 2nd'sLoreto CollegeLeagueL 0-2
28th Nov 201512:30Pembroke Wanderers 6th'sMullingar 1st'sSerpentine Avenue7/8 Cup - 2nd RoundW 0-1
5th Dec 2015TBCSkerries 2nd'sMullingar 1st'sSkerries Community CentreLeague
12th Dec 2015TBCMullingar 1st'sOur Lady's 3rd'sLoreto CollegeLeague
16th Jan 2016TBCMullingar 1st'sMalahide Fingal 2nd'sLoreto CollegeLeague
23rd Jan 2016TBCMullingar 1st'sClontarf 3rd'sLoreto CollegeLeague
30th Jan 2016TBCMullingar 1st'sBotanic 3rd'sLoreto CollegeLeague
6th Feb 2016TBCCorinthians 3rd'sMullingar 1st'sWhitechurch Park7/8 Cup - 1/4 Final
13th Feb 2016TBCUCD 5th'sMullingar 1st'sBelfieldLeague
20th Feb 2016TBCPembroke Wanderers 6th'sMullingar 1st'sSerpentine AvenueLeague
27th Feb 2016TBCMullingar 1st'sThree Rock Rovers 3rd'sLoreto CollegeLeague
5th Mar 2016TBCYMCA 2nd'sMullingar 1st'sClaremont RoadLeague
12th Mar 2016TBCMullingar 1st'sSkerries 2nd'sLoreto CollegeLeague
2nd Apr 2016TBCOur Lady's 3rd'sMullingar 1st'sOur Ladys School, TerenureLeague